Founded in 1934 by Sir C V Raman the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore was registered as a Society on 27 April 1934 with the main objective of promoting the progress and upholding the cause of science. The Academy began functioning with 65 Founding Fellows and the formal inauguration took place at the Indian Institute of Science.

On the same afternoon its first general meeting of Fellows was held during which Sir C V Raman was elected President and the draft resolution of the Academy was adopted.

In the same month of 1934, the first issue of the Academy’s earliest publication was published. The Academy from its very beginnings has taken great interest and initiative in publishing science research and today publishes 10 science journals in different disciplines, uses an online submission and review management system that’s trackable, papers are peer reviewed and published content is made available online and open access.


To supplement the efforts to transfer the progress of scientific research in pure and applied branches.


Promoting original research and of disseminating scientific knowledge to the community, through publication of high quality journals, organizing meetings, discussions, seminars, symposia, identification and nurturing of scientific talent amongst the young, aware of the fundamental contributions science and technology can and must make to national regeneration, uphold the principle of social responsibility for all scientific effort, individual or corporate.


  1. To undertake community-centric publication of scholarly refereed Scientific Journals
  2. To recognize the outstanding scientific contributions made by scientists through selection of Fellows, Honorary Fellows and Associates
  3. Promotion of original research and disseminate scientific knowledge to the community by organizing scientific meetings
  4. To make available online the research publications of Fellows of the Academy
  5. Implementation of Raman Chair Professorship and Platinum Jubilee Chair Professorship
  6. Coordination and Implementation of Science Education Programmes
  7. Implementation of Women in Science Panel Programmes
  8. Organizing Academy Public Meetings
  9. Organizing Discussion Meetings
  10. Construction of new hostel block and additional office building


  1. Promoting high quality journals in order to provide publication opportunities to Indian scientists at the international level.
  2. Promotion of original research and dissemination of scientific knowledge to the community, through meetings, discussions, seminars, symposia and publications.
  3. Bringing outstanding young scientists into the fold of the Academy, through election to the Fellowship.
  4. Conducting symposia and seminars and encouraging other similar activities in order to provide means of exchange of scientific knowledge among scientists and to bring new knowledge to the attention of the whole scientific community.
  5. Recognising and honouring excellence in various areas of science by the institution of special awards (in the form of medals, lectureships, etc.)
  6. Giving special encouragement to young scientists by the award of scholarships and fellowships to enable them to pursue their particular interests.
  7. Promoting international understanding in science through the institution of special chairs and professorships, which will allow scientists from abroad to visit India for specific periods and provide means for travel for Indian scientists to visit other countries.
  8. Taking up integrated studies in specific fields where co-ordinated scientific activities tend to be neglected.
  9. Applying rigorous standards of scientific criticism at all levels in a constructive sense; the Academy considers that the scientific community has a unique contribution to make not only to the flowering of science in India but also to national character.

The Academy’s contribution to science and society is also reflected through its policies, values and its range of activities which include:

Annual and Mid-Year MeetingsScience Education ProgrammesSponsorship of Discussion MeetingsThe Women in Science PanelRepository of Scientific Publications of Academy FellowsOral History ArchivesCommittee on Scientific ValuesRaman Chair ProfessorshipJubilee Chair ProfessorshipPublications of the AcademyContributions to Science Policy

Publications of the Academy

Among the activities undertaken by the Academy to promote and disseminate science, Publications has occupied the pride of the place. Indeed, the first issue of the Academy’s earliest publication titled Academy Proceedings, a monthly, first appeared in July 1934, the very month that the Academy was formally founded. Publication of science journals has since remained an important activity. Today the Academy publishes 12 science journals in various disciplines. Starting 2007, ten of the Academy journals are being co-published with Springer. The Academy also publishes two online-only journals – the Indian Academy of Sciences Conference Series (first online in December 2017) and DIALOGUE: Science, Scientists, and Society (first online in January 2018).



The procedure for requesting for any information that is eligible to be disclosed by the Academy under and subject to the Right to Information Act is as below:

  1. A request for obtaining information shall be accompanied by an application – in a plain paper containing the salient information required to be provided under the Right to Information Act, or in the prescribed format as laid down by the Rules of the Act – along with a fee of Rs.10/- by way of a demand draft or bankers’ cheque drawn in favour of ‘Indian Academy of Sciences’ or a cash receipt acknowledging receipt by the Accounts Section of the Academy. The applications shall be in English, or Hindi or Kannada.
  2. Applications as prescribed above may be lodged either in person, or through an authorized agent, or through Registered Acknowledgement Due or Speed Post or Courier with the application could also be submitted through the RTI portal.

  3. Public Information Officer
    Mr C S Ravi Kumar
    Assistant Executive Secretary,
    Indian Academy of Sciences
    C V Raman Avenue, Sadashivanagar,
    Bengaluru 560 080
    Tel: (080) 22661207 Fax: (080) 23616094
    e-mail: ravi@ias.ac.in

    Appellate Authority
    Mr N Maheshchandra
    Executive Secretary
    Indian Academy of Sciences
    C V Raman Avenue, Sadashivanagar
    Bengaluru 560 080
    Tel: (080) 22661203 Fax: (080) 23616094
    e-mail: mahesh@ias.ac.in

  4. The fee chargeable for providing the required information under section 7 (1) of the Act shall be:
    1. Rs. 2 per page for copying – for A4 size papers,
    2. Actual charges or cost for larger size papers,
    3. Actual charges or cost for samples or models, and
    4. For inspection of records: No fee for the first hour, and Rs.5/- for every 15 minutes thereafter.

    The fee chargeable for providing information under section 7(5) of the Act shall be:

    1. For information provided in diskette or floppy or CDs, Rs. 50/- per diskette or floppy or CD,
    2. For information provided in printed form at a price fixed for such publication or Rs.2/- per A4 page of photocopy,
    3. Actual cost or price for other modes of copying, e.g. tapes – audio, or video, or other media.
  5. The Academy shall provide information available with it, and on which it has authority to part with, under the authority of Academy, and these include records, documents, memos, advices, press releases, circulars, orders, log books, contracts, reports, etc., excepting those documents, information, data which the Academy obtains from agencies, individuals from within and outside the Academy, experts, for obtaining which it was required to assure that the information so obtained shall be produced and used by the concerned authorities for discharging their duties, and/or to arrive at appropriate decisions, etc., and that form of data, information in any form which the Academy is contractually bound to use only for those purposes such information, data was obtained. However, the final decisions / resolutions so arrived at shall be provided against applications received under the Act.

Office Staff With Salary Particulars

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