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Vision, Mission and Functionality of an Academy

Indian Academy of Sciences

(An Autonomous institution under Department of Science & Technology, Government of India)
C. V. Raman Avenue
Post Box No. 8005,
Raman Research Institute Campus,
Bengaluru 560 080


To promote and uphold the cause of science(both pure and applied)


To encourage and promote the pursuit of excellence in the field of `Science'; to offer the Govt. of India, the local Governments and others, the views of science in regard to all matters pertaining to `Science and Technology'; to encourage inventions, investigations & research and promote their applications for development of both organized and unorganized sectors of national economy; and to institute and establish Professorships, Fellowships, Studentships, Scholarships,Awards and other benefactions and to interact with Professional Bodies, Engineering and Scientific Academies etc. in India and abroad.

The main objectives of Academy are:

  1. To promote the progress and uphold the cause of science, both in pure and applied branches.
  2. To co-operate with the existing Provincial Academies having similar objects, and with others when founded.
  3. To encourage and publish important researches in the branches of science comprehended by the Academy and to represent internationally the scientific work of India.
  4. To undertake, control and direct scientific enterprises of all-India significance and to participate in similar international activities.
  5. To collect, sort out and disseminate information concerning the industrial, economic and labour problems relating to India and other progressive countries.
  6. To publish books, memoirs, journals, proceedings and transactions relating to scientific researches in pure and applied branches initiated by the Academy and those conducted under the direction of Provincial Academies, the Universities and Government Scientific Institutions.
  7. To organise and arrange for the meetings of the Congresses, Committees and Conferences for reading and discussing papers submitted to the Academy, advising Government and other bodies on scientific and other matters referred to the Academy and to co-operate with the National Research Council when instituted.
  8. To secure and administer funds, grants and endowments for the furtherance of scientific research.
  9. To undertake and execute all other acts which shall assist in and promote the usefulness, aims and purposes of the Academy.


  1. To encourage and promote the pursuit of excellence in the field of `Science' and to institute, establish Fellowships, Studentships, Scholarships, and other benefactions and to encourage inventions, investigations & research and promote their applications for development of both organized and unorganized sectors of national economy.
  2. One of the major activities of the Academy is publication of scientific journals. Eleven journals in diverse disciplines and varying frequencies are published. These are:
    1. Bulletin of Materials Science
    2. Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy
    3. Journal of Biosciences
    4. Journal of Chemical Sciences
    5. Journal of Earth Systems Science
    6. Journal of Genetics
    7. Pramana (Journal of Physics
    8. Proceedings (Mathematical Sciences)
    9. Resonance - Journal of Science Education and
    10. Sadhana - Academy Proceedings in Engineering Sciences.
    11. Current Science (Published in collaboration with Current Science Academy).

      Special issues on topics of interest are also brought out by most of these journals

  3. To offer the Govt. of India, the local Governments and others, the views of scientists in cooperation with other professional bodies, in regard to all matters pertaining to `Science': The Academy organizes scientific meetings in different parts of the country at national/international levels on topics of national importance. The meeting provides opportunities to new Fellows and Associates to present lectures and enable teachers attending the meeting from around the country a greater interaction with Fellows.
  4. To organize public lecture: The Indian Academy of Sciences organizes public lecture by eminent visiting scientists every year.
  5. Science Education Panel: The Academy has been undertaking several programmes for improving the state of science education in the country. In 2007, with the other two National Science Academies in the country (Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi and The National Academy of Sciences, India, Allahabad) joining our programme, the activities of the Science Education Panel have now been greatly intensified. Summer Research Fellowships: Over 1300 summer research fellowships of 2-month duration were awarded to students and teachers all over the country in various disciplines to enable them to work with distinguished scientists of the country. Refresher Courses: This is an all India programme to help teachers in all disciplines of science to improve their background knowledge and teaching skills. The duration is two weeks and approximately 30 teachers undergo a rigorous course of lectures, discussions and problem-solving sessions. Lecture Workshops: Academy arranges two or three-day lecture programmes on carefully chosen topics in science at selected college and university departments for local students and teachers. Speakers include Fellows and others from nearby institutions.
  6. Panels on Scientific Values and Women in Science: As part of the Academy initiatives on topics of importance to scientists, two new panels were set up by the Academy - on "Scientific Values" and the other on "Women in Science". The Women in Science panel published a book 'Lilavati's Daughters: The Women Scientists of India', which contains (auto) biographical essays of about 100 Indian women scientists who share the journey of their scientific career.

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